The Housing Company

The Housing Company
Wilhelminasingel 118
6221 BL Maastricht

Tel: 043-3900399

Tenant / rent

Would you like to rent in Maastricht? The Housing Company makes use of an extensive network of homeowners, investors and real estate agents in Maastricht and surroundings. This enables us to quickly and efficiently find a suitable home for you. Based on your housing needs we make a selection from our extensive housing database.

At The Housing Company it is also possible to view different houses in one day, also houses from portfolios of other brokers. We search, outside our own database, at other brokers and / or housing providers.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service in the search for the right home.Register
It's good to sign up anyway. You can then always be sure that you will be invited for a viewing. You can do this here.

One of our rental staff will be present at the viewing to guide you. You can have a look at the property and will receive an immediate answer if there are any questions.

When registering on our website, you can indicate which requirements the property must meet. It is very important to describe as much information as possible about the housing requirements. We will then look for suitable accommodation.

Have you found a home that you like? Then we will take care of the rest. We take care of the negotiations about the rent, starting date, notice period, inventory and the agreement. After approval of the owner, the rental agreement will be drawn up and signed.

You must submit the following documents.

For private persons:
* Valid proof of identity
* 2 recent pay slips and/or employment contract.

For self-employed persons:
* Recent IB declaration.
* Recent extract KVK with valid identification and proof of the signature of the company concerned.

Once all financial obligations have been met, we will personally check in with you. During the check-in, the inventory list will be drawn up and photos will be taken of the accommodation. Finally, we hand over the key to you personally.
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