The Housing Company

The Housing Company
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Expat services

Home finding
We are happy to have a role in helping to find a new home for you and your family in the South of Limburg.
First of all, we will start a process which begins with learning about your needs and those of your family. Does living in the vicinity of the school have the highest priority or perhaps living in the middle of the city centre is more desirable or just outside it, or proximity to a train station. We like to know this in order to serve you best.

As soon as we have clarified all your wishes, we will present your housing options through email and arrange viewings with one of our real estate agents. Not only from our own rental portfolio but also from other agencies.
This way you don't have to call different parties yourself, but everything is coordinated by us. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know the market well and can advise you best with regard to rental prices and will negociate on your behalf to ensure you get the optimum deal.
After you have selected a property we will make/or screen the rental contract and coordinate all the necessary transactions around the move-in including payment and utility hookups.

The costs for the home finding including the utility hookups are 75% from 1 month rent (excl. VAT).

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